Adapted from Bill of Rights Institute

AMERICAN HISTORY can teach us the universal truths our ancestors once knew so as to not repeat the mistakes of the past we are destined to make until we learn. History/Herstory is an honoring of what came before our great grandfathers and great-grandmothers, our parents, our nation's founders, men and women of wisdom. If we don't change our direction we're likely to end up where we're headed.



AMERICAN LAW can teach us the principles of our once greater nation, principles we have loved, the underpinnings and foundation of our freedoms and unalienable rights we've enjoyed. Law can inform us of the deeds and conditions of our present "political" doctrine, the corruptibility of government and emerging new world order, contrasting the republic and the democracy as distinct forms of governance. If you have interest in knowing the heart of a nation look into the prisons and courts and see where we're headed. Are we such a ruthless people still? Originally, as the Puritans formed the confederation, there were to be no lawyers or attorneys elected into public office by mandate of the original 13th Amendment.  Elected government servants were to be Christian and to be using God's Law as documented in the Holy Bible. The opposite of Godly love has taken deep roots and become the ungodly State of mob rule. 

The four Organic Laws listed, in the order of their occurrence, are:

  1. The Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776
  2. The Articles of Confederation of November 15, 1777
  3. Northwest Ordinance of July 13, 1787
  4. Constitution of September 17, 1787

The Declaration of Independence says there shall be no taxation without our consent. Therefore, this principle should be adhered to in the Internal Revenue Code. In fact, it is!

According to the Articles of Confederation, the states of the United States of America are “free and independent”, i.e., sovereign, and yet the federal government seems to be in a dominant position over those states. How is this possible?



BUSINESS can teach us what are values really are… to love each other or the so-called almighty "dollar." Choose your currency well.  Choose debt-free, gold/silver and commodity backed systems that  create true economies of, by and for the people, instead of global  casino operations run by criminal syndicates (i.e., transnational  corporations and international banksters). Choose to serve others by providing goods and services that are needed and wanted not for profit of $money$, but for the abundance and prosperity of all humanity. Business teaches us the power of manifestation without the destruction of ourselves, our values and our environment. Consume less than you produce and tithe to those in true need. Some popular American businesses appear to have been headed up by "installed people" for purposes that benefit those businesses more than the customer. 



CHILDREN are the prayer of the future, like arrows from our bow.  These precious ones deserve our undying love, honor and kindness as they will carry us to unknown worlds, places we can never go.

FAMILY is the foundation for raising a whole child. We cannot forget our responsibilities to all living beings, the born and the unborn.



COMMUNITY teaches us how to live together on the land, in our  villages, towns and cities, learning the old tribal and family ways that  support us into a deep soul experience of belongingness. Everyone is included, one for all and all for one. It takes a whole village to raise a whole child as a free man or woman (not a slave).



COMMUNICATIONS can teach us to organize information resources and news to keep us informed and responsive, to keep us watchful of  our liberties, to connect us with opportunities and each other.



NETWORKING has a human not technological face. To organize the elements of our interconnectedness, enhancing our abilities to relate and interact with each other on so many levels still unimaginable. We are the links that bind us together. We are an emerging global brain of individuals working together to expand consciousness and awakening on the planet and in the universe.



EDUCATION teaches us by the example of others; no other schooling is necessary or desirable as a human being first and foremost. Our heroes and teachers live in the community around us, in our families.  We learn best what we are capable of teaching. We are all teachers first and learners second. The direct experience of life is our own best teacher. There is no replacement by systems of schooling, social conditioning or mass media without the loss of self and empowerment for which we pay dearly the rest of our lives.



Our ENVIRONMENT teaches and supports our bodies to exist on the physical plane along with our consciousness. Treat other living creatures, plant and animal as you want to be treated yourself. Apply the golden rule to the environment and to each other. Redesign your consumption patterns to become voluntarily simple so that others may simply live. Our forests, our rivers, our oceans are part of our every expanding body. Through loving yourself the planet is loved.



Healthy FOOD for our bodies grown in healthy soil with clean water to drink and clean air to breathe. Simple SHELTER for the human family to keep warm and dry from the elements whether in mansions or huts built with minimal impact upon the land and each other. Build homes for the human souls to grow together in love. Renewable ENERGY from the sun and non-polluting hydrogen to light our way through the darkness of these times. Embrace the darkness of your own soul. Appropriate and consciously applied TECHNOLOGY is service to ourselves and humanity without genetic interference or medical intervention.



Our emerging GLOBAL identity is merging with local control of our destinies, a planetary network of local nations working together sovereign and free with full rights of self-determination for all races, cultures and ways of being. Building a world beyond war, famine, disease and want.  Globally, we are the unincorporated "The United States of America" as a nation of 50 independent nation states. 



Simply put, we are owed "a GOVERNMENT of the people for the people by the people; sovereign, unincorporated and free trading  republics awakened and intelligent. Simply an agency of power on behalf of  “We the People” not the corruption of power by fearful, greedy men and women. No majority rule. Minority rule of the self, over the self, not over others. Respect and apply the golden rule. America has been overrun by His Excellency the Pope of the Catholic Church and head of the Roman Holy See & an unholy Unum Sanctum and its Central Bank / IMF.  Today we have 188,000 domestic the papalist incorporated Municipal agencies and Courts acting as Government by the people, whereby "the United States" and the "STATES OF STATES" are privately held PUBLIC DOMESTIC corporations and Americans generally have no clue as to what difference this makes. We also have a 150 year long duality taking place which has stunted our path to greatness as a people on the land and soil:  Her Magesty the Queen of Great Britain heads up the "incorporated Territorial United States as the Foreign Territorial United States which operates in trust the protect our international borders from enemies Foreign and Domestic. 



HEALTH and wellness for the human species, honoring the body, mind, spirit in wholeness. NUTRITIOUS food prepared with loving hands, not chemicals but with life force intact to deliver sustenance to these human forms. No intervention except with honor, respect and compassion.



Abolish all POLITICAL systems. No more policy, or police, for politicians to politic about. No more representative governments, but direct participation in self-governing systems by people of character and moral standing. Self-policing, self-governing sovereign and free people need no outside authority, political or religious. Make American's great again by taking back the stolen LEGAL PERSON trust entities back to ourselves in our given american birthright names... and record properly that status to the Land Office (each lawful person) to get ourselves back onto dry ground as free hold land owners. 



SOVEREIGNTY is the source of all power and it is innate in all human beings. Choose to learn to govern yourself, respect others and apply the golden rule, not to rule the gold except in your own heart and soul.



Being SPIRITUAL is about going your own way and finding your own truth through direct experience on your soul's journey. If your religion does not practice loving relations with all beings, then it has nothing to offer you but slavery and chains to bind you to outside powers over you. You cannot hold on to this life, body or form.  Acceptance and forgiveness, self-love and virtuous action is all that's required for a spiritual evolvement in the company of truth.



VISUAL and PERFORMING ARTS create beauty in form and the expression of talents. Enlightenment and awakening of the human spirit is the quest for the soul's emergence.