Who and What is J!MFOWARS.com?

As a platform, and prayerfully the adjunct to those authors listed on this website, we intend to make it easy for you to author and publicly record the political/citizenship documents that are missing from your life. We're also going to create a model for your very own privatized in-home administrative record keeping for "you" to excel in life, as our mission is that of Making Americans Great Always.

A growing number of Americans have been waking up to the shocking revelation of what the Deep State, the foreign Central Bank, the Globalists, her Majesty the Queen of England, his excellency the Roman Pope and BAR Card carrying attorneys have apparently been at liberty to do (in practice for over a century) with each of our mis-characterized LEGAL NAMEs which are in play beneath our government issued identities. In fact, did you know there are three other entities created from your own given name?

Yes, there are three additional types of "citizen person" aside from you the actual living being. These LEGAL ...all 3 a YA's...PERSONs are ForeignDomestic and Non-Profit. Aside from all of this conversion, we are each the living being who is presumed to be standing in for these "paper warriors" while at the same time, we haven't been taught how to properly administrate our own International Trade Name under a properly constituted "doing business as" set of documents and record keeping at the county level. WE Americans don't have our own "encryption protected household administrative records journal of the governing of our lifes" either. Getting the paperwork done and publicly recorded is the beginning to our empowerment. We aren't running our Business very well at this rate. :-(

To begin a new day, we Americans must use our power or we will lose our power altogether.


Extremely important information >

J!MFOWARS.com is here to help all Americans who are ready to recognize ongoing crime and how to cease their falsely construed fiduciary involvement retroactively.

Disclaimer:  JIMFOWARS is not a resouce for legal advice of any kind. Our entertaining approach to a mind-blowing topic should motivate you to take this due diligence upon yourselves to result in something basic (recording documents) which you may deem as appropriate for yourselves as you seek truth and lawful advice from consulting any qualified legal counsel whom you select regarding citizenship and political status.   

Brand new for 2020!

J!MFOWARS.com is here to help all Americans who are ready to create and record your own vital documentation and then to effectively correct the errors in ALL public records concerning your unincorporated private state citizenship and disenfranchised federal political status.

We're preparing to entertain you with all the details of how your three entities are a form of the trafficking of your good name and how you are also trafficking a LEGAL NAME without even realizing how deeply you've been complicit in long term and perpetual constructive fraud.     

With the help of our new document templates, you will effectively reclaim your stolen identity away from the fraudulently commercialized state registration system, apply the protections of the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act to your lawful self and you will be taught right here as to how to record your "common law copyright" and your "trademark" and your "International Trade Name" (which are all together VERY VALUABLE parts of your bundle of rights you inherit in America by "birthright" as a part of your claim of right beneath your claim of Habeus Corpus)  for your American National identity into your county Land Recording system and to then publish your lawful notice for anyone to review at any time. You'll get to know your own bundle of rights which include the very right to have and use your own body

Creating your sign-on... and Joining in...

The only way to begin to know what you don't know, is to logon to the J!MFOWARS.com service. Simply make your own user name and check your email for your password and activation link. Quickly complete the activation and log in. You want to get power tools for FIVE BUCKS? Click our donate link. You will be granted access to the most important section of JIMFOWARS.com where you can then open and review and interact with live copies of our templates so that you can edit and download your personalized copy.

Editing our templates... after you've made your copies

Once you are logged-in, a My Files menu will be visible under My National Origin. To create your new copy of any of the several applicable templates, click on the Radio Buttons for that page. You are then taken into the page editor for that original. Here is where you have many choices, the most imporantof which result in the red letters being customized to you and set the text to black. Once you click save you will have your own template pages. Keep fashioning your version through to completion. 

The new template interface gives you a lot of options, but all you need to do is "Admin" your page to name it, set the permissions to registered. To make it easy to find, set the state to published. Use the appropriate system function to copy and paste content from our stock templates into you new template and edit the fields as needed to personalize your own downloadable and printable PDF documents which are "print ready" for you to use in your local recording.  Skip this if you just want to copy into your own offline word processor. 

You can edit an existing template by clicking on the edit icon (this only displays to users who have the right to edit).

Templates, site features, and tools...

The look and feel of our original documents are controlled as database-driven templates. You can access our document templates a few different ways to best suit your computer/internet setup that you're accustomed to -- for changing the template texts colored in red -- and more -- by editing the template. Click the "Duplicate a Template" in the State Citizens menu, or:

    Optionally, as you see fit... 

  • Download a fillable PDF document that shows you where to input your variables (name, address, etc.).

  • Download a rich text formatted document to your own word processor. 

  • Edit the text of our base templates in your browser to preview and print your copy (without Saving Changes here).

You can easily maintain your own Login Settings (aka Your Subscription) by clicking on the "Edit Subscription" link.

You can also copy the content into your own word processor any way you like. The goal is to get this information into your hands so you can get on with your life and go beyond the disadvantaged situations of the past which are gradually killing off the un-aware U.S. Citizen.

Learn more

There is much more to learn about how to use J!MFOWARS.com to create or restore the American Dream that you envision. You can learn much more at the JimfoWars! documentation site and on the JimfoWars forums.

Among the many best kept secrets of the elite people in this country, is that many of them have already been doing their certificates of assumed name and taking their identities into the status of being private bankers and non-taxpayers. The situation has caused many of us to wonder how they've operated above the law. 

Much of the JimfoWars content is brought to you after over ten years of research Jim Homyak did at places listed in the RED HOT media content links listed on the Our Country page.


You can't make this stuff up folks!

Evil dirty people are working around the clock to undermine one of earth's (potentially) last remaining nation founded upon and rooted upon Christian morals and values.  



We are The American Nationals

We are state born, living upon the land & soil, and we've come home to roost!

One of the major breakthroughs in our day is the discovery of what we are and how we could be living.

We are the decendents of those people who'd granted consent over certain enumerated powers.

We are planet earth's live birthed and living principal creditors.

Our true flags do not have the gold fringes.

We are the creators.

Our "people" are "we" the people.

Our national Sovereignty was recognized as inherent in the people, yes, especially those in America who do not need any kind of dual U.S. Citizenship or Residency status. Observance of the english common law amongst the early English settlers on America's atlantic coast, proves that the people (the nationals) retained all of their declared independence, their just powers, private authorities and unalienable rights ~ not specifically granted publicly (municipal / papcy / Pope) and/or privately (territorial / royalty / Queen) in the writing of those pair of constitutional service contracts for those public/private governmental service providers, the people's employees. All agencies doing their Trade or Business in the United States (municipal D.C.) do so as commercial entities.

What is mischaracterized are the unincorporated sovereign people upon The United States of America (50 union states) until James Belcher and Paul Stramer stepped up and published the truth about what we all need to produce in writing to various officers.  Thank you Judge Anna Von Reitz for giving me permission to carry your works at my service center.

Today we have to recognize the importance of being properly informed. We need more information. We see the information warfare and can see the law breakers that are doing all the shooting. We are not seeing the American reconstruction fast enough. That is why automation (this website) is now finally being introduced which will streamline the people's ability to do the writing needed to be set free once again as a sort of rebirth. Every body needs to become born again administratively and with J!MFOWars, you can see a whole new meaning to being administratively born again. 



Sic caveat emptor!

This website is for educational (and entertainment but not satirical) purposes only and not to be construed as legal advice about what you should or should not do. The information herein is to assist you in performing your own due diligence before implementing any strategy or product. It is not copyrighted or protected in any form or fashion, however, donations will enable me to continue my work and to keep the information current and to address your specific issues. Donations are greatly appreciated. The copyright at the bottom of this Web Site means, don't try and make a knock-off to JIMFOWARS.com because you can probably make your own webpage that looks completely different and filled with otherwise plagiarized intellectual content. Time will tell as to whether you have a greater legal mind.