Acknowledgement, Acceptance and Deed of Re-Conveyance

I, the living soul, a man, 
John Mark Doe, being over the age of twenty one years, being of sound mind and in good health, free of all duress or improper consideration do hereby acknowledge, accept, and re-convey my given lawful Trade Name, John Mark Doe, to the land and soil at Minnesota, my native home state, together with all derivative names, including John Doe, John M. Doe, J.M. Doe, Johnny Markus Doe, J.M. DOE, JOHN MARK DOE, JOHN M. DOE, JOHN M. DOEJOHN DOE, J DOE, DOE, JOHN M., JOHN DOE, and all other variations however styled, punctuated, spelled, ordered, or otherwise represented as pertaining to me and my estate, and I hereby declare their permanent domicile upon the land and soil at Minnesota our American union state.  

All prior Powers of Attorney, all other prior presumed or granted Executorships, Guardianships, and Agency relationships are terminated and revoked effective with my natural birthday November 20, 1921, as I elect to be recognized as the sole living owner, executor, beneficiary, beneficial owner and agent of my name and estate since my 21st birthday on November 20, 1942

So said, so signed, and so sealed by my living hand this _____ day of November in the year 2020 by:

_____________________________   thumbprint    LS ©  


Witness and Public Notary Jurat

Minnesota State }
Redwood County }

I, a Commissioned Public Notary, was visited today by the living man known and identified as John Mark Doe and he did sign and seal this Acknowledgement, Acceptance and Deed of Re-Conveyance in my presence and did affirm the same in my sight, whereupon I affix my signature and seal as testimony to these facts:


By: _________________________ Public Notary;

my commission expires on: __________________.













After you have added in your own gender, names and information, replacing or erasing the items highlighted in red letters, simply change the text color back to black.  Please note that the first/middle/last names appearing needs to be the name your parents gave you (your Given Name) at birth as it appears on your birth certificate, written in proper english noun Upper and Lower Case, for example: John Mark Doe — not any variation, especially not JOHN MARK DOE in CAPS.

If your birth name was John Mark Doe that is what needs to come after “I, the living man….” and it also needs to appear as “given lawful trade name” and that name also needs to be included in the list of variations.  You can also claim any other names you may have used over the years and their variations — pen names, married names, adopted names, nicknames you are known by, abbreviations of your name, etc.  Just make sure you list as many variations both in Upper and Lower Case and in all capitals as you know you have used or someone else (i.e. SOME COMPANY) might use in reference to you. At a very minimum, list the all capital variations that are known to be active--- JOHN DOE (Ward of the State), JOHN MARK DOE (Cestui Que Vie Trust) and JOHN M. DOE (Public Transmitting Utility).

Notice the difference in the notary jurat block.  It’s “Minnesota State” not “State of Minnesota”.    It’s “Redwood County” not “County of Redwood”.     

When you sign your name, you will want to sign it in front of the Public Notary in blue ink and you will want to seal the signature with your right thumbprint in red ink. Your thumbprint should touch but not obscure your signature.  The “LS” behind your signature stands for “Living Soul”.  The use of a “by-line” establishes your authorship of the text and ownership of the signature.  You can also add a copyright symbol after your signature to further nail it down:

Write your signature exactly this:       By:  John Mark Doe (thumbprint) LS © 

Note 1: Adding your By: line is as easy as writing the word "By:" (By colon) in front of your actual signature. Adding your common law copyright is as easy as drawing a small circle and writing a (C) inside of it immediately at the end of the line. Using a a red  inking pad to press your thumbprint right onto the edge of your signature so that your signature touches over your print followed by the letters LS and the copyright symbol. You've then effectively sealed this witnessed document.

Note 2: When all of your documents are duplicated to your own template, stored in your state folder and proof-read by you and ready to convert to downloadable PDF, there should no longer be any instruction text (as you've removed them yourself) and none of the RED LETTERS should be in view anymore as you've converted those texts to BLACK.

Note 3: Once you've clicked Save, you can then click PDF. A window will appear for you to review once again your document to be sure it looks good. Then you can download the document to wherever you are accustomed to doing do, or let your device do its default. That way you can print your copy to actual plain white letter sized paper. That's ready to take to your Public Notary for the witnessed signatory effort.  After that you go to the County Recorder's office, etc

Note 4:  You need to feel empowered in the ability to back-date your Power of Attorney and your Private Banker dba Status to your 21st Birthday.