Cancellation of All Prior Powers of Attorney

"All prior Powers of Attorney granted by John Mark Doe are removed, cancelled, and permanently revoked effective July 4, 1900.

John Mark Doe is Attorney-in-Fact for all purposes related to the administration of his estates and all correspondence should be addressed to: John Mark Doe, c/o Post Office Box 1019, Redwood Falls, Minnesota 56283."

By: ________________________ this ____ day of ____________ 2020.


Public Notary Witness


Minnesota State }
Redwood County }


I ____________________________, a Public Notary, was visited today by the man known to me to be John Mark Doe, and he did affirm and sign this Cancellation of All Prior Powers of Attorney in my presence for the purposes stated.

By: ____________________________ Public Notary;

my Commission expires on: ______________________.