Paramount Claim of the Life and the Estate of the John Mark Doe

Born July 6, 1953 near Toledo, Ohio

Russell Emmond Doe X Emily Mae Doe

Wedded June 20, 1942

Lisbourne, Kentucky

The United States of America

Whereas I, the living man known as The John Mark Doe, am the result of the life and love and physical embodiment of my parents, the living man known as Russell Emmond Doe and the living woman known as Emily Mae Doe (née Emily Mae Brooks) who were lawfully wedded in Lisbourne, Kentucky in the calendar year 1942, now therefore I am their living son from the moment of conception and from the first combining of their unique genetic code to create my unique genetic code and my zygote in support of my physical embodiment then and now, and as I am the only true and surviving inheritor, I hereby publish my claim and recording of the facts:

The Afterbirth composed of a placenta, umbilical cord, and fetal tissues which accompanied me into this world and which was in possession of my DNA was never a viable separate living organism and was instead a portion of my flesh akin to any hair, skin, or other representation of my genetic content, that was not abandoned, not donated, and not returned to me or my parents for burial.  No separate estate, living status, ownership interest or death apart from my own life may be claimed in behalf of the Afterbirth or other waste resulting from my birth, from my shedding of hair, my shedding of skin, the deposit of my fingerprints or any other DNA-containing substance whatsoever.

I hereby establish my Paramount Claim upon my unique DNA as the only lawful and living inheritor thereof from the moment of my conception forward and I also publish my nullification of any claim of ownership or material interest in my DNA based upon samples procured from any bodily waste or substance for any purpose. 

As witness to my claims, I here affix the Signature and Seal of my Lawful Person, retaining all rights and prerogatives thereof: 

by: ______________________________              © Living Soul.  All Rights Reserved. 

Public Notary Witness: 

Today, on the ___ day, of month, ______________ in the year 20___, I was visited by a man properly identified or known to me to be John Mark Doe and he did establish this record before me and sign it for the purposes stipulated herein, and I do accordingly add my signature and seal:

by: ________________________________________, Notary.  

My commission expires on: _____________________.