JIMFOWARS intends to be "scary good" at what we do.

We present clear template-based information that can be used to output finished documents... this does include the famous Living Law Firm templates from Anna Von Reitz listed here as "Anna's Templates" from her #928 article.

And we also provide:

  • We are continually publishing "off-site links" to authors such as Richard Anthony, Ed Rivera, Mark Passio and Jerry Day, and many more to give you an easy way to get to your foundational life studies done as you learn to exit the system.

  • We've produced a method to review the Anna Von Reitz documents required to be executed before joining The American States Assembly as suggested by the Living Law Firm

  • Our front-end browser A means to quickly create your own set of these documents using only your web browser -- although not suggested for small screens 

  • A place to store your work for future reference and no need to own software licenses; no need to give your content to cloud vendors.

But because we are so close to being "over the target" we hope to not "take on flak" because of our content.

We hope our viewers, "whoever they are," see this stuff as being good for them too.

Now our 20/20 Vision is to step up to the starting gate being mutually protected as a "love speech" purveyor.

Before going much farther, we hope to encourage you to join us by creating your own sign on.
We hope you'll even kick This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. a few bucks at the Donate Button.
You're invited to make a one-time donation, any amount.



. . . Certain to make ya glad . . .

. . . Glad to have ya . . .


The road ahead . . .  

constr2  Urgent Introductory Recommendation: Watch Mark Passio's Natural Law Seminar


constr2  Preface: Correct Your Political Status - Instuctions from Anna (basic package at J!MFOWARS)


 Step 1. Join in this activist movement privately at home and complete the email response process

 Step 2. Join in and read "The Good Stuff" in the J!MFOWARS Menu

 Step 3. Begin to create your batch of polical status and citizenship documents

 Step 4. Finalize and save your edited versions to print or to download

 Step 5. Get in contact with your state Assembly contact

 Step 6. Get your document originals filed and recorded

 Step 7. Choose to serve as an Assembled Juror or run for elective office at the states and counties and cities



This page is under construction and will soon display examples of what our guests can expect to accomplish here.

What's happening is called full-blown application development.

We are a "reader supported" channel. 

Stay Tuned! 


Love always, 

Jimmy Up!