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Increasingly Americans are demanding respect for our 
unalienable rights which we are owed per our organic law.

Virtually all present day Americans have been robbed as a result of the governing fiduciary crime that's committed daily in our purported names.

We invite you in here to learn what you need to do about it, by resolving your mistakes, errors and omissions that you really should seek to discover.

Actually, discovery takes time. That is why we are here.  We are among the growing list of information providers who present to you the resources needed to effectively produce revised documents of your own. 

Write To Be Free! will also re-post vital information from such American national authors as Alaska state superior court judge Anna Von Reitz and from such web sites as Scanned Retina. 

People are asking such authors the question, "How do we do what is being advocated?"

For us, that answer is, "Writing letters to declare your claims and demand government employees to repair all the errors in the record of your identity, citizenship, domicile and political status."

You owe it to yourselves to discover the steps within the organic laws.

Then write, print, download, etc. all your own copy!

Get it all back by writing to go free!


You may now gain access to the Write To Be Free! system where you will have:

  • a template cabinet full of content, media, resources and people

  • a course-ware system to be educated and empowered

  • a powerful knowledge base platform online

  • a method to raise critical questions

  • a simple letter writing system

  • a place to track progress

  • a new bell to ring

  • a new torch

Carry your torch!



Write To Be Free! kindly encourages people to start writing and mailing a series of letters ... whether using our program or not ... to tell the PEOPLE what they need to know. General phone calling to the corporations of government is simply inadequate.

Write To Be Free! is working to make it easy to write authoritative documents just the way you want them, and to keep it simple to maintain and fortify your files. In order to make your concerns and issues heard, you've got to put it in writing. 

We think you'll find it fast to request your sign-on to our system. We also have a privacy policy to protect your information. 

We hope you'll find it fast to login and to open the functions that "Write a new Letter" and to see how the content editor accepts your choices and text input.

Then you select a Category and set the other items for publishing. 

Then you can take a moment to feel good about taking charge of your life. 

Save & Print with Write To Be Free!

Build a self-study course with WTBF!

Afterall, you have the right to be free!

You get to make extremely well-written and powerfully persuasive documents which are put together for you based on collective research and organized data. 

The recipients of your letters have a choice - which is whether to respond in kind by mail to a location of your choice, namely general post up the street, or to ignore you. Ignorance can be bliss. 

Scheduling your writing/mailing processes and then following the course will help keep everyone on task. It should.

Write To Be Free! is a flexible and powerful platform, whether you are building a small handful of documents for yourself (to organize the home front) or a huge set of folders with hundreds of documents and media for your visitors. 

The best part is that your writing helps to extract your trade name and your rights back to the outside of an ocean-going establishment that pirates around planet earth plundering in the name of your dead legal fiction which is registered within their psychopathic scheme...  "these vermin" ~ Anna Von Reitz

Write To Be Free! is open source, which means we got a hold of it and made it work just the way we want it to.

You get educated on something amazing. Then you use the tools to do something productive with all of your new knowledge.

Then you even can get a free copy of everything for yourself, named as you would like, for your own self-hosting.

A Minnesota attorney once quipped at me in an argument by telephone regarding the mortgage melt-down and the layers of constructive fraud that his foreign banking client had committed. I was suing them in State Court.

In a wicked tone of voice, he said,

"Well good then! We'll see you in Court then! ... Gonna love to see all the fraud you've been committing." 

Fraud? Me? Hmmm...

I thought about that incident for many years. I became a truth seeker. I asked tough questions, did lots of digging.

Found evidence, discovered proof, established motive and intent, and now we know. You need to know too.

As non-military and non-government people, meaning us regular families at main street America, etc., whenever we American common folk consent to claim, "YES we are U.S. Citizens (and many at birth)" we are showing the intent to appear in court to motion the court to hear our acceptance of the US Code, regarding our oath and pledge to the Judge, and yet [how many of us ever did that] we are ineligible unless we become military, move to their territory (DC) or their bases, arsenals, dockyards, railroads, ships, planes, minor outlying positions (USA Minor), yet they let it slide on purpose, thus obscuring what really went on. We're allowed to amass debt in exchange for the trade of our name for government benefits. US Citizens LEGAL PERSONS effectively "Go Inside" of the enterprise as a franchisee. So right here today, let's solve the problem collectively for everyone. It was fraudulent for most of us Americans to assume our use of "this particular" LEGAL NAME without having had any expensive LEGAL paperwork on file anywhere. Acting and role-playing the purported state resident, and thus agent, trustee, fiduciary or Representative of a LEGAL NAME (ALLEN BRADLEY COX) has ensnared us in the criminality. How many people ever write to ask for permission to use that corporate trust name? Did we even get taught of the need to get permission? Without it, how then can we purportedly do a home purchase? In reality it is a criminally debt-based money/credit ledger entry at the alleged central bank via their secretly endorsed allonge copy, to create a deposit and ledger entry as an asset. A conversion of currencies takes place. Oh, so the "fraud I had been committing" was in doing the LEGAL PERSON's DIRTY WORK [in the flesh] instead of hiring a law-firm BAR member.

"I'm glad I've learned how BAR Card Attorneys receive permission from the CROWN to use legal names in their duties."

See this
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for a HINT

Time to investigate

Our introductory content within the Write To Be Free! system, is designed to give you an in depth essay of our amazing discoveries after many years of exhaustive law and government study.

Now you can do some investigating of your own to discover what errors exist in the public record associated to your LEGAL NAME.

Write To Be Free! is also able to help facilitate the scheduling and tracking of any of your written correspondence in a public forum with the public entities, if you so choose ...

...and in a private forum for the private entities.  You decide.

"What a nice way to keep the ball rolling until all of my matters are settled."

There will be an election for everyone who stands by their writings:

  • Your written request to Revoke your Election to Reside In the District. Many years ago, the IRS treated your 1040 Tax Return Form as your silent election to have the LEGAL PERSON treated as a perpetual Resident in the District (defined in US Code as Washington DC). That's how you're on the hook for Federal Income Tax. 

  • Your new election to place the body on land (dry ground) in a non-domestic rural area and to stop trafficking that LEGAL NAME which stands in Federal Residency.

  • Your new election to reclaim your birthright nationality in standing on the land of a geography such as minnesota, wisconsin, oregon, texas, (your home state).

  • Revoke your wet ink signatures (now for then) nunc pro tunc and (forever more) ab initio on any forms where you granted your consent to be governed. 

  • If you aren't hired as a company commercial driver, then using your car to help you be free is not considered as operating under the Motor Vehicle Code.

Many State Governors are being put on notice...

  • It's a Governor's job to ensure the rights of state nationals are not violated by the federal government.

  • It's a Governor's job to bring notice to all state agents within the chain of command. 

  • It's Governor's job to also inform national agencies of any one who re-claims state citizen national status and surrenders any Gov't issued ID.

  • It's Governor's duty to require an Attorney General to prevent the "deprivation of rights under color of law" from happening to a state national. But a smart Governor knows U.S. Citizens waive such rights in exchange for benefits.

"I'm from the Government and I'm here to sidestep you."


Oh yeah? Well it's a racket that's been exposed and deep into bankruptcy!

We've gotta file our Adult Name Change with the Court, then we gotta consider the next steps people are taking, as shown in Recent Content and Template Cabinet. 

Write To Be Free! Yes, perhaps the time is now - at last!

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