Knowing Who We Are

A small handful of prominent men own nearly everything on earth, so long as whatever that might be has been registered into the property management system that is run by the prominent men. 

These courses teach the following classes of citizen in American. 

  • United States Citizen
  • Resident Alien
  • State Citizen
  • American National
  • Non-Resident Alien
  • Free Inhabitant

Each man or woman has the right to select which standing they will identify with and then to communicate that information to several places needing to know. 

Letter Writing 104 - Administrative Record

These courses teach you of the documents that can be written and retain for your household administrative record.

Business Writing 301 - Letters and Correspondence written to Businesses

In our lifetimes, there are known to be hundreds, if not thousands of companies who attempt to contact us by television, radio, written mailing, telephone and email. 

These courses provide a basis for students to collaborate on effective writing to correct any errors in presumption of standing, venue, law and citizenship.  

Letter Writing 101 - Letters written as Public Notices

Letter Writing 101 - Letters written to Debt Collectors

Letter Writing 101 - Letters written to Employers

Letter Writing 301 - Letters to Advertisers & Mailers

Letter Writing 101 - Letters to State Government

Letter Writing 101 - Letters to Federal Government

Brand Creation

This course has students coming away with the tools and the brand of their passing grade from several weeks of

- self-directed