Our mission at Write To Be Free! became one of helping people learn what happened to our identities around this country -- mostly at the time of our births. In today's day and age the recovery of your identity is about to happen, and also lawfully recorded identity records regarding your life, your trade name, on file (finally!) with the local county recorder. You will be coming home to the land jurisdiction and reforming new local jural assemblies to put government back in business as it is owed to us. 

People don't know of all the transactions taking place when a new born baby gets registered via state licensed company documents. People don't realize the fate of their offspring born under marriage licensed wedlock.

Generally speaking, American children [the State created franchise identity] have become wards of the State between birth and age seven.  How many seven year old children have properly claimed their body in court documents by that age?

Parents are eected to have no clue what is going on within a Hospital Administration. Identities are converted into a Cestui Que Vie trust. Triplicate identities are created for commerce as a child emerges toward the age of majority, 21, etc. Later in life, monetary values grow in hidden accounts. There have generally been three or more government operated and corporate controlled trust accounts in play for all Americans.  Municipal, Federal and Territorial. The unincorporated YOU YOURSELF had better take action in your written claims in order to be perfected and cured in the public record as the territorial and municipal governments went bankrupt. 

We aim to bring clarity to these problems that Americans are facing 24/7 throughout the use of a LEGAL NAME as if that NAME was that body. Jim Homyak intends to make this system easy, flexible and powerful. He invites readers to participate at their own pace. Paul Stramer intends to publish and web-host informative content, and to market radio equipment and collector coins at all times. Anna Von Reitz intends to publish her content very easily at any time and to help Americans seek to recover what has been stolen from us all for so long by our employees in government.

We all must do so without giving legal advice

People have gotten their LEGAL NAME IDENTITY stuck into a web of commerce which has led to corruption and deceit.

How many Americans wrote to government to ask for written permission to use "copyright protected" company property? 

Did Americans ever learn of the fact that a state generated LEGAL NAME is something which becomes owned by foreigners?

But here is a way to learn about the situation and then we aim to provide a means to do something about it...

Our efforts will help with writing letters to everyone who needs to be informed and to be put on notice.

We provide content under Fair Use while there can be a one-time donation for obtaining a lifetime membership to our program. 

As time goes on, we will stock document templates from the experiences of people all around the country.

Please use our website to learn more about our mission, our objectives and how you can help.

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You are welcomed to do everything that Write To Be Free! has available to you.

Our philosophy finds us doing everything we can to help everyone out here. 


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