Within Write To Be Free! you can create anything from a simple form letter to a complex writing and mailing campaign or you can enroll in our courses at our Virtual Classroom with a capacity for many online students.

Across the TOP MENU (also linked as Start Here) are six simple menus:

  • Start Here
  • Mission Statement 
  • Knowledge Base
  • Recent Content
  • Contact Database 
  • Template Cabinet
  • Writing Courses
  • Legal Notices

We think the goal for using this system is to write letters.

Once letters are written, you then get them printed to your plain letter-size paper.

You then stuff them into envelopes and address them and mail them.

Our system is going to start to display a growing number of letter writing templates.

As we further develop the system, we will also provide you with a brief discussion of all of the new concepts and reference material to help you understand how Write To Be Free! works.

If you no longer need any one of your letters to be available online, you can can simply unpublish the letter or the category or you may completely delete each item and all of the categories that you may have created.