Let's have a look at two vastly different, yet similar, approaches to educating and infoming people in America

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By: James Allen Homyak ~ Minneapolis ~ January 8, 2020


Today we can find many informative websites who are monetizing their sites

by offering products and services to support their objectives.


Without question, we have choices in media, in particular, and whatever we do with the knowledge gained.

We have choices in gaining knowledge, building understanding and taking action upon any two of such.


This brief 30 minute comparison invites you to ask yourselves deeper questions after clicking into each:

  1. How effectively are you informed of many truthful situations being presented in the content?

  2. How quickly can you locate useful problem solving and decision making information?

  3. How quickly do you see yourself taking action based on cost, price and complexity?

Spend as much time as you want.  Either way, tell yourself that you could be ready to take action if you believe in calls to action for your household and lifestyle.


J!MFOWARS is a non-profit documentation solution provider

INFOWARS is a large catalog & shopping cart experience 


I spent time doing this comparison and found it easy to donate five bucks for free into where I could act fast.

I think it would take a lot of work to begin any actions from Alex's marketing site.

Truly Yours,

James Allen Homyak

P.S. J!MFOWARS is your doorway to Anna Von Reitz and James Clinton Belcher