Recession Fighter Documents




You are hereby encouraged to study these passive static templates. 

Everyone can try to save a few hundred bucks a month, right?

Below on this page is the valuable cache for all of the Recession Fighters Templates which had been published originally in 1992.

These are some nice freebies for people who've worked very diligently... and now Jimmy Up! has recently created J! to reformat and refine the templates (plus several of his own) into this interactive software service for everyone to receive eagerly.



  1. Review the list below, open the first PDF item.

  2. Give it a moment to land you in the PDF
    panel to choose your output.  

  3. Click to download or print. 

  4. The popup screen opens for you to further
    refine your template and paginate, etc. 

  5. Repeat these steps for your needed templates

  6. The excitment and relief will certainly build
    as you get paper in hand.


Current Active Templates


Recession Fighters - 1992 to 2019 and Beyond

(opens in new browser tabs)



pdf2Intro to Recession Fighters

pdf2Save on food

pdf2Save on phone bills 

pdf2Save on medical & dental

pdf2Save on meat 

pdf2Save on postage 

pdf2Save around the home


pdf2Save on taxes 

pdf2Save on home heating 

pdf2 Save on fuel costs

pdf2Save on electricity 

pdf2Save on clothing

pdf2Used car buying tips